Zero-Waste Hair Care Guide for Natural Hair

There has hardly been a time people were more sensitive to their impact on the environment than now. 

You’ll notice that more and more brands are making necessary adjustments to help consumers fulfill this desire and the hair care industry is not left out.

What is zero waste hair care?

It’s a movement that refers to the conservation of resources by responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threatens the environment or human health.

In the hair care industry, this takes the form of eco-friendly products, bars over plastic bottles, minimalist products, non-wasteful routines, and much more. 

To help you on your zero-waste hair care journey, we’ve put together this guide. Keep reading to get all the tips and help you need for your contributions to the zero-waste movement.

Find zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair. 

Using bars instead of plastic helps you feel good about not contributing waste to the environment. If you’ve hardly used bars for your hair, it might take some getting used to, but there’s nothing less effective about shampoo/conditioner bars.

Tree Naturals Bamboo & Lemongrass Shampoo Bar

Buy a wooden brush that can break down into natural elements when disposed of.

This means taking not buying just any wooden brush or comb, but the compostable types.

Make your hair care routine zero waste.

Start with shorter showers that help conserve water and stick with brands that offer zero-waste products. When shopping for accessories, go for organic products.

Zero-Waste Packaging matters too.

In some cases, you can get zero-waste packaging, so always see if it’s an option.


Tree Naturals Hair Detangling Conditioner Bar

Zero waste products on Tree Naturals

We care about you, your beliefs, and the earth too, so it’s no surprise we can support the zero waste movement with some of our products. Here’s a list of our zero-waste products you can dig into;

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