Can we pick up Tree Naturals products locally?

Yes! We offer several locations in the U.S!


  1. Allusions Natural Hair & Beauty Bar located in South Park Mall at 230 Southpark Cir, Colonial Heights, VA 23834
  2. Salon of Elegance at 4501 Williamsburg Rd #G Richmond, VA 23231 
  3. Tendrils & Curls Boutique at 2501 S. Shepherd Dr (River Oaks) Houston, TX 77019
  4. Tendrils & Curls Salon & Retail at 3527 Highway 6 #150 Sugarland, TX 77478
  5. Beauty 4 U Super Center at 5145 Lake Ridge Pkwy Ste 115, Grand Prairie, TX 75052
  6. Naturally Divine at 3556 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75234
  7. Hairizon Beauty inside Northgate Mall at 1058 W. Club Blvd, Ste 142 Durham, NC 27701
  8. Beauty Bar & Supply at 419 Cross Creek Mall Fayetteville, NC 28303
  9. The Natural Nook at 264 Forest Rd, Hueytown, AL 35023
  10. Salon Doreen at 3560 Grand Ave | Unit A, Suite #6 | Chino Hills, CA 91709
  11. Kinks and Curls Atlanta at 3157 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite 190 Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045

Get Answers to your Curl Questions

Find quick answers to your questions below...

I have Natural Hair, what can I expect Tree Naturals products to do for my hair?

Since natural hair is prone to extreme dryness, Tree Naturals products will help lock in and restore moisture to your hair. This is simply done by using the finest ingredients, emollient oils, butters and herbs to nourish and hydrate thirsty locks.

I have Relaxed Hair, can I use Tree Naturals products?

Yes, absolutely! Tree Naturals products are designed to add moisture to dry, parched hair whether it is relaxed or natural.

I have Color-Treated Hair, can I use Tree Naturals products?

Yes, absolutely!  Our CEO formulated the products originally to care for her color-treated tresses.  Coloring your hair is fun, but it can cause breakage and dryness.  You can rest assured that our products will moisturize and protect your hair.  They also will not strip the color from your hair.  

Do your products work for ALL hair types?

Yes, absolutely! That's the beauty of it, our products are designed to soothe, hydrate and moisturize (without being heavy or gummy) whether you rock your locks straight, wavy, curly, kinky or coily!

Why is Moisture so important when it comes to hair?

Dry hair is more prone to split ends and breakage, which can actually make it appear as if the hair is not growing. Remember the ends of our hair are the oldest and we must take care of them. By keeping the hair moisturized and sealed, the hair will not be as weak, which can encourage hair retention. Our goal is to provide you with quality products that perform as promised, resulting in healthier hair for you! 

I'm new to Tree Naturals where do I start?
We always suggest starting with our PJ Giftset. This set contains one (1) of everything from our line, so you will have everything you need to have the healthiest, softest hair ever. 

How do I use the Tree Naturals products?
Here at Tree Naturals our philosophy is to start your regimen with moisture, so that you can end your regimen using less product; this reduces product buildup, promotes soft, touchable GROWING hair and also saves YOU money! We recommend starting with our moisturizing shampoo & conditioner bar to cleanse, use our leave in to moisturize, use our whipped curl creme to style and the last step is to seal using one of our yummy butters or oil. We use our Curl Refresher Spray to refresh the hair and Deep Conditioner to maintain the health of your hair. If you need more info on the products, simply click on each product to read their descriptions. 

What is sealing and how often should I do it? 
We're glad you asked! Sealing is the last step of your regimen, but by far is the most important. Since our natural hair loves water, we use many water-based products, but we must remember that water evaporates and when that happens we are left with dry, fuzzy hair...and when the temperatures drops the dryness and crispiness becomes worse! So what's a curly to do? Seal, seal and seal! After you've styled your hair, scoop out some Natasha's Growth Butter and melt using the heat of your hands and apply directly to your hair and ends. This ensures that the moisture from your leave in and styler stay "locked" or "sealed" in, keeping your curls moist and healthy. We seal our hair twice per day (morning and night)! This keeps the ends of our hair smooth and frizz free!

Can your products be used on children?

Yes, absolutely! Tree Naturals products uses natural ingredients which are perfectly fine for children's delicate hair and skin. Please note to keep the shampoo out of eyes, as it is not a "No Tears" Formula.

Are your Shea Butters Fair Trade?

Yes, all of our Shea Butters are Fair Trade Butters. Our supplier works directly with a company in Ghana that employees over 500 women, while assuring all workers receive fair wages and benefits.

I want more information on how to use Tree Naturals products.

We understand and we have tons of tutorials on product application and styling options on our YouTube channel to assist you on your journey. Please subscribe to our You Tube channel HERE.  Please sign up to receive our newsletter!