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All hair needs love, but curls demand to be pampered.  Imagine your curls drinking in nutrient-rich botanicals and soothing Aloe vera handcrafted with organic plant oils and velvety soft Fair Trade butters to quench those dehydrated tresses. Give your curls what they crave and indulge today. Find the perfect products for your hair, simply select your curl type below.

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Tree Naturals Founder - We believe in doing the right thing.

As founder and CEO of Tree Naturals, it’s important to educate our customers on the integrity of our product ingredients & sourcing methods.  Since the inception of the company, we’ve always sourced our materials in ways that support the people and the land that produce them. 

Our 100% raw, unrefined Shea butter is sustainably harvested and curated by a Fair Trade group in Ghana. This group offers economic and social empowerment to their members & local communities. 

Our philosophy is quite simple - we believe in doing the right thing. I started Tree Naturals to make top quality, moisture-rich hair care products that you can trust! Every bottle is handmade, locally in RVA, with healing and restorative properties of soothing botanicals, rich organic plant oils, Fair Trade butters and exotic herbs to promote healthy hair growth. 

Cheers to you and healthy hair!

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Psalms 1:3 And she shall be like a Tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth her fruit in her season; her leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever she doeth shall prosper.

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Mercury In Retrograde: All You’ll Need to Know to Keep Your Curls Intact
Mercury In Retrograde: All You’ll Need to Know to Keep Your Curls Intact

July 28, 2019

The past couple weeks have been … interesting to say the least.  One of my close girlfriends decided to color her own hair and it was a disaster!  Another friend got into a steamy argument with her co-worker and personally I’ve been struggling to keep my energy levels up and attitude in check!  So, it got me to thinking.  What if?  No, it can’t be…or could it?

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July 14, 2019 2 Comments

Hmmmm, so that got me to can we apply this idea of meal prep to our hair?  To help you better understand what this process could look like, keep reading.

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