Hey Curlies! Have you signed up for Tree Dollas?

We want our supporters to receive special discounts so we created a rewards program

 Tree Dollas is a dope rewards program which allows you to earn points by performing easy tasks like referring a friend or sharing us on your social networks.

To start earning's what YOU need to do:

1. Visit

2. Create an account or login with your existing credentials.

3. Once you login, click on Earn Rewards (located in the bottom right corner.)

4. Once you click Earn Rewards you will be able to view various tasks that will allow you to earn more points.

5. Click "Rewards History" to find out how many points you have and to also "Redeem Points."

6. Once you redeem, you will be emailed a discount code to use.  You can also refer to your "Rewards History" at any time to view your discount code.

7. Start earning Tree Dollas now!