Tree Naturals Black Friday/Cyber Monday Guide 2021

November 21, 2021

Tree Naturals Black Friday/Cyber Monday Guide 2021

Once again, the holidays are upon us! When it comes to gifting your loved ones with hair products, Tree Naturals has got you covered (as always) – we want to show you just how thankful we are for you. Indeed, there’s something special for everyone. Yes, you can get set to deck your curls with the best nature has to offer.

Even greater news is that shopping at Tree Naturals is as easy as it gets – no need to social distance or fear endless shopping lines! We’re open for business 24/7/365.

Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) marks the start of the holiday shopping season, and it falls on 11/26 this year. As you already know, it is the busiest shopping day of the year – stocks run out almost as quickly as they come in. Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) began in 2005 to encourage people to shop online, and it has largely become the online equivalent of Black Friday! That means, you still get the jaw-dropping deals and offers, but you get them in the comfort of your home, or on the move, or wherever else you might be. For us, that’s double-awesome, since we can now provide online sales on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, providing you with double the savings!

Tree Naturals products are a must-get this season, believe me. Don’t deprive you or your loved ones’ curls of this natural goodness any longer. Keeping your hair well-nurtured and moisturized is always the way to go, especially during the wintry holiday season. Our products moisturize dry curls with natural and organic ingredients and oils. At Tree Naturals, we use only Organic Raw Coconut Oil and Fair Trade Shea Butter in our formulations. Our products are mild, handmade in small batches, and cruelty-free. We are a tested and trusted brand and our products sit on many well-respected influencer and celebrity stylist shelves.

We simply believe in doing the right thing, and our products do exactly what we promise they will. So, what are you waiting for? Stay close to your emails so you don't miss a thing.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store this season.

When does the Tree Naturals Black Friday/Cyber Monday begin?

Begins Online: November 25th, 8pm EST (Thanksgiving Day)

Ends Online: Monday November 29th, 11:59pm EST (Cyber Monday)


Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale will be valid at the Tree Naturals Online Store only.


-Sales will range from 25% off, Free Gifts and Special Discounts on Bundles. 

-We'll send daily reminders so you don't miss a thing.

-Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and stay close to your emails so that you do not miss anything.

*Tips & Tricks*

Historically, many items (new items & popular items) sell out quickly. Putting an item in your cart DOES NOT RESERVE YOUR ITEM. Tree Naturals' suggests to check out immediately once you have all your items in your cart. 

Please be advised, we are a small business, so once sold out, most items will not be restocked before Christmas, although we will do our best! 

Get rewards points. Enroll in the Tree Naturals Rewards Program to receive points for every purchase you make. You can use points for money off on future orders. 

Become an affiliate and if you are an affiliate, start sharing this with your entire social network to get them geared up and excited! Remember you earn 10% commission on every sale you generate using your special code or link! This is a great time to earn extra cash.  Learn more HERE.


Tree Naturals Shopping Guide:  What's Hot this Season

Our Essential Oils and Jojoba Oil.  These have been flying since we launched last week and make great stocking stuffers.  Our essential oils are perfect for zero waste curlies as they are packaged in glass bottles, DIY naturalistas and for your diffusers - since we are all staying home more these days. 

tree naturals essential oils

We're seriously crushing on our Earth Mask, Rice Flower & Shea Leave In Conditioner & Botanical Flax Seed Gel.  They're our top picks this holiday season! 

Transitioning Curlies

Bundles and gift sets for all the ladies in your life! Perfect for your friends who are currently transitioning to natural.  Our Product Junkie Gift Set is a perfect way to stock up on natural hair products for yourself, or you can give it as a gift to a friend who is struggling with their natural hair (especially big choppers!).


 tree naturals hair care

Skincare Lovers

Do you have any friends that are particular about skincare? They’ll surely appreciate our Detoxifying Earth Mask that can be used on both hair and face! This mask was birthed to heal and soothe the skin, hair follicles and irritated scalps. It’s packed full of nutrients, rich natural oils, healing clays and activated charcoal to both remove toxins and cleanse simultaneously! But, did you also know that our Hair Growth Oil Citrus & Vanilla Butter and Jojoba Oil can also be used on both hair AND body?

tree naturals detoxifying earth mask

Bearded Bae

And we haven’t forgotten about Bearded Bae either! Our Zen line will keep their hair and beard moisturized all winter long. Did we mention it comes in a bundle just for him?  Check it out here.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Lastly, all of our products can be bought in individual sizes that are perfect to slip in Christmas stockings! I know just how much I’d personally love to find a bottle of Rice Flower & Shea Leave-In Conditioner in mine!

Shipping Delays

Every year around this time, a surge of packages causes delays in shipments, and this year worldwide pandemic aftereffects are likely to increase delays. 

The US Postal Service is already experiencing severe shipping delays due to high volume. Please allow ten (10) days for package delivery, and note that USPS tracking may be marked "Delivered" up to 7 days prior to actual delivery.


Make sure to share this blog post with your friends. Their curls too deserve the goodness of nature. Sign up for our Tree Naturals newsletter right away! Don’t you want to be first to know about our upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? We’ve got so much in store just for you, but you must be signed up so we can keep you posted on how to take advantage of these juicy deals!

Most of all, happy holidays and enjoy this time with your family!

With love,


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