Shampoo & Conditioner Bars vs. Bottles

You may, or may not have noticed, but shampoo/conditioners bars vs. bottles has quickly become one of the biggest battles in the hair care industry.

In the past, almost every shampoo and conditioner were packaged in a bottle made of plastic. But as zero waste movements gained more popularity and consumers demanded better from brands, bars made a fierce debut and haven’t backed down since.

Zero Waste Natural Hair Care Products are recyclable

So now it just comes down to bar or bottle? Which is the best option? Which should stay or go? What would be your best choice, zero waste or not?

Let’s battle it out for you below:

  1. Research has shown that on average, one bottle of shampoo/conditioner lasts around 25 washes (and that could be much less with thick curls), which means we dispose of these bottles at least once per month and they’re mostly never recycled.
  2. Shampoo/conditioner bars, on the other hand, are plastic-free, require less packaging, use only recycled paper packaging, and have a smaller environmental impact. 
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  3. A liquid shampoo and conditioner uses between 80-95% water whereas a bar is concentrated helping it to last twice the number of washes of liquid shampoos/conditioners.
  4. When it comes to convenience and travel, shampoo/conditioner bars are ideal. They’re perfect for packing, and in line with TSA guidelines.
  5. Your pockets also benefit from bars over bottles because shampoo bars tend to be more cost-effective than shampoo bottles.
  6. You’ll equally notice that shampoo bars are almost always all-natural, too, which makes them a healthier choice for your hair.

So would we say bars win hands down? Or plastic shampoos and conditioners are any less effective?

Not exactly. It all depends on your preferences in the end and the points above can help you decide.

You should know that all of our bottles are 100% recyclable, and our tops are made from eco-friendly bamboo

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