Spring Survival Kit

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When we think of spring, we think of 3 things: sunshine, bouncy curls, & plenty of adventures! There’s no denying that when seasons change, our hair care routines can get tough. Whether you're getting ready for spring break or plan on doing a little spring cleaning before the adventures begin, we have your "Spring Survival Kit."


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 Spring Survival Kit

1. We can't say it enough! A new season is the best excuse to go get a haircut. Tell your favorite stylist to hook you up with a trim!

2. We stick by the saying "find what works for you when it comes to styling and creating a routine." We love using different methods to apply products! Try using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute products through your hair. Tree's Tip: The praying hands method is everything! Praying Hands method- rub your favorite product in between your hands, take a small section of your hair and form praying hands around your hair, then smooth the product down on your curls from root to end.

3. Tis' the season for spring cleaning right? If you haven't replaced your brush in a while, we recommend purchasing a new one. We like the Denman Classic!

4. We know it's easy to get lazy and fall out of your routine. It's never too late to start over and give your curls the love they deserve. Practice makes perfect!

5. You'll find our favorite Tree Naturals products to whip your curls into shape down below!


Rice Flower & Shea Leave In Conditioner

Rice Flower & Shea Leave In ConditionerOur Rice, Flower, & Shea Leave- in Conditioner is our best seller! Perfect for adding moisture back into your tresses. We know the winter months are rough on the curls, so this is a GO TO!

Coconut & Lemongrass Curl Refresher Spray

We love to use the Coconut and Lemongrass curl Refresher Spray in the mornings and at night to refresh our curls! Smells amazing and is the best pick me up for mid- day curls! Our Secret? We keep this in our purses!



Honey, Fruit & Flowers Hair Milk


Our Honey, Fruit, and Flowers Hair Milk has been called "hair care from heaven," by one of our Curlies! This product has 6 in 1 uses and you can use it your way! Try it as your daily leave in conditioner, moisturizer, curl refresher, curl definer, detangler or styler. 



Have any questions for the Tree Naturals Team? Leave them down below!

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