No Shave November

Oh yes we did.

Growing a Longer, Thicker Beard Has Finally Been Made Easy With Zen Beard Balm.

Today is a great day for all beard men and all the non-beard peeps who have been longing to join the #beardgang.

As you already know No Shave November is nearly upon us, if you are planning to participate in this year’s bearded fun, then it's time to stock up on your grooming supplies.

To make this November a memorable one for all our loyal customers, we at Tree Naturals have decided to launch our very own ZEN Beard Balm, a natural and handmade balm right in the nick of time.

tree naturals zen beard balm

Yes, you heard me right.

We took our time developing this product because we wanted a beard balm that would easily grow your beard while nourishing, hydrating, and protecting its qualities; with that masculine, clean scent you’ve already grown to love from our other ZEN products.

We think we nailed it! Because our ZEN Beard Balm has made growing a healthy beard as easy as pie and it’s just a click away right now.

ZEN Beard Balm was carefully formulated with good-for-your skin ingredients that are designed to help you grow, smooth and nourish your beard with a blend of Organic Beeswax, Horsetail Butter and Essential Oils.

Here are the individual benefits of these key ingredients.

Organic Golden Beeswax

Using Beeswax on beards and mustaches helps to style and keep the hairs soft and clean; and because it's also a sealant it repels dirt and grime, as well as keeping the hair shiny.

Zen Beard Balm contains the magical Beeswax as one of the prime ingredients.  Whoop!


Horsetail can combat hair loss and promote hair growth, using products with Horsetail on your beards will leave your hair (or beard) strong, lustrous and with an improved texture.

Orange Bitter Essential Oil

Orange Bitter oil is known to stimulate hair growth; it also is an antiseptic and has antioxidant properties.

For your convenience, the ZEN Beard Balm comes in a bundle that contains three products (Zen DC, Zen Leave In & Zen Balm) all packed together to grow and give you that perfect and healthy beard. 

Get these 2 + the ZEN Balm in a convenient bundle. 

Get the bundle now! 

How to use this unique cruelty-free, natural, handmade balm.

First, apply ZEN spray to condition beard. Next, rub a fingertip amount of balm between palms and massage into beard and skin to seal in moisture. Oh, hello, handsome!

ZEN Beard Balm contains no silicones, parabens, sulfates or phthalates and it offers control of flyaway, unruly beard hairs for a more manicured, fresh and classy look.

Getting a perfect, classy, healthy-looking beard has never been easy until now.

This product is perfect for every hair type/ texture, please don't miss out on this great opportunity to have a great No Shave November.

Click HERE now to purchase the Bundle that contains all 3 of the ZEN products needed to nurture and grow your beard.

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