The Bundle that Makes your Hair Grow?

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Are you struggling with hair growth? If so, then this blog post is definitely for you. Our client recently big chopped after years of relaxing her hair.  Sadly, upon leaving the salon she was instantly devastated to see how fine and thin her natural hair was and where were those curls she was promised?  That’s when she called me up literally in tears and I asked her to give us 3 months.  She agreed and the rest is history!

After the photo went viral, the emails, phone calls, DM’s on Facebook and Pinterest have been nonstop!  

tree naturals curly girl hair growth success story

... curlies have been pleading and beg­ging us to show them how to grow and thicken their hair like our client.  

Whew Chile!!

Ok, ok, OK!  In this blog post, I will share with you exactly how our client grew her hair in just 3 short months.  Wanna know how? 

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Grow Your Hair in 3 Easy Steps

That’s right! Tree Naturals Tree-O Kit contains 3 power-house products created specifically for natural hair growth.

And trust me, I’ve struggled with dry, color-damaged hair that just wouldn’t grow so I said enough is enough. I knew it was time to make something of value that I could share with you!

In as little as three months, you’ll begin to notice: 

✅Less Knots
✅Less Breakage
✅More Definition
✅More Shine
✅More Growth


Ready to get started?  Get your Tree-O Kit HERE and follow the steps below.  Feel free to adjust to your lifestyle/preference. 

Month One:

Introduced the client to Tree Naturals Tree-O Kit.  She would use these products for daily maintenance to care for her curls.  We also helped her create a wash-day regimen that worked for her lifestyle.  She chose to wash and deep condition her hair on a weekly basis using the Tree Naturals brand of hair care products. 

Tree Naturals Tree-O Kit for Curly Hair Growth


Wash and deep condition hair once per week using the TN Shampoo and DC

Use all three (3) of the Tree-O products on wash-day using the LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method.

Whipped Curl Crème = Cream

Natasha’s Growth Butter = Oil

For Maintenance:

Moisturizing + Sealing:  Use the Leave In Conditioner + Natasha’s Growth Butter DAILY.  A little goes a long way, so you will not need much.  These products do not build up with the gunky stuff, so don’t worry about that!

Styling:  Use the whipped curl cream 3-4x’s per week to encourage definition within the curls.  This is a styling cream and not to be used every single day. 


Here's her hair on Month 1:

 tree naturals grow progress pics


Month 3 results! 

tree naturals client growth progress

 Do you see how thick and long her hair has gotten compared to Month 1? 

tree naturals client growth progress

 Here are her wash & go results using the Tree-O Kit!


tree naturals client growth progress


Why our customers love the Tree-O! 

"The best products for my hair.  I am in love with these products. I used to think that my hair couldn't do certain styles. It turns out that I wasn't using the correct products. Tree Naturals pampers and nourishes my type 4 hair and smells divine." - Courtney
"THANK YOU PINTEREST!!  Found out about this gem of a product line via Pinterest and decided to try the Tree O and these products did not disappoint! Left my curls super moisturized and well defined. I've been getting compliments about my hair from my co-workers all week!" - Regina H.


Ready to grow your hair like never before?  What are you waiting for; grab your Tree-O today! 

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