Would I Big Chop Again?

Hey Curlies!

People ask me all the time "Tree, would you big chop again?" The answer is without hesitation, YES! I think about it from time to time...especially on wash days lol.

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I love short, tapered funky cuts. The ease and manageability, the EASY detangling. Rewind to 9 years ago, I made the decision to BC, and it really wasn’t “liberating” for me. I walked around looking crazy because I had no idea how to care for my hair. My first perm was at 6 years old, so all I knew was the creamy crack. I became an instant product junkie and nothing seemed to work for me. I truly feel that if I had Tree Naturals products during my big chop, I would’ve had the confidence to care for my hair and enjoy the process!

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I also feel like healthy hair should ALWAYS be the goal. Some folks will hold on to raggedy ends for the sake of “long hair.” Long Hair don’t care huh?? It should. Never sacrifice the health of your hair for length. If your goal is long hair, work on getting it healthy and I promise you’ll get there.


So is there another big chop in my future? I'm not ready to pick up the scissors just yet, but I am definitely open.


We asked our curlies in our Instagram community if they would ever big chop again and here are some of their comments! 


Now we want to hear from YOU!  Leave your comments down below and let us know if you would ever do the Big Chop again and don't forget to visit TreeNaturals.com for all your natural hair needs. 

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