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If you're anything like us, checking your horoscope is just as much part of the daily ritual as showering.  You’re probably familiar with the shock that reading it can come with. It’s often like, “No way!  How can it be this accurate?” Well, guess what – your zodiac sign has a lot to say about even the seemingly irrelevant details such as the characteristics of your hair, how you love to wear it and what styles will best suit you.  Choosing the perfect hairstyle just got easier!  Take a look.


It’s an open secret that you’re a natural leader.  Your fearlessness and boldness precede you.  You’re known for your charismatic energy, and you’re not scared to get things started. You need a hairstyle that rightly expresses your confident, strong and adventurous personality. A top-knot bun would suit your energy. It’ll perfectly represent your strength and intelligence.  Because you’re always on the go, this fuss-free style is perfect for you.


You’re really sweet and kind-hearted, but you’re also a force to be reckoned with. You appreciate uniformity, and so when you find a style you like, you stick to it. Taurus ladies are warm, loving, practical and reliable, and so a long, layered cut will suit you most perfectly. You also appreciate hairdos that aren’t too high-maintenance, and this cut doesn’t require much upkeep.  A quick spray of our refresher spray and your curls are good to go!  Yipee, Taurus!


Wow, Gemini! You’re basically two women in one!  Lively and exciting, you can smoothly switch between intelligently analyzing politics to chatting about celebrities. You love variety. You’re not scared to air your views on life, and you get bored quite easily, and that includes hairstyles. Try shaving one side of your hair.  If you get bored of this, you can easily split the rest down the middle and cover up the shaven part.  Goodbye, boredom!  Oh and don't forget to moisturize, Gemini. 


Cancers are passionate, persistent and peaceful.  You’re a natural alpha, but your sensitivity and reserve may sometimes tend to make you hard to spot in a crowd.  You want a look that accentuates your femininity.  For some spunk and edge, you should try getting bangs. But you want to keep them wispy and dreamy, instead of just cutting them blunt.  You’ll definitely turn heads with this style.


When you step into a room, your presence is instantly felt by all.  You’ve got such a big and powerful personality that you can do most anything with your hair!  You’re fearless and brave, just like a lion.  You’ll probably want to make a statement by showing off a big, full mane, but you’re definitely not limited to long styles.  With your personality, there’s absolutely no need to hide behind your hair.  Try cutting it short with long layers.  This way you can slick it back or let your curls hang down. Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely wear it with pride.  Strut your stuff, Leo!


Highly intuitive, intellectual and perfectionistic – such is the persona of a Virgo.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You love to look put-together and gorgeous.  An above-the-shoulder bob will perfectly portray the logical thinker you are.  It’s a smart, chic and straightforward haircut that would suit your person without a glitch, giving you a natural, polished and fresh outlook.  Weekly deep conditioning is recommended.


You represent and crave balance, harmony, justice and fairness.  Your charisma and soft charm is alluring and captivating.  You like to take your time when you’re grooming yourself, simply for that ritualistic, feel-good factor.  Symmetry is of great importance to Libras, and so a neat, no-nonsense cut will do just fine.  You don’t need messy or complicated hairstyles.  Simple is perfect for you.  A medium-length blunt cut would seamlessly depict your elegant sophistication.  It’s a romantic cut, and that’s what you’re all about.


A dangerous mix of mysterious and attractive, Scorpios are exotic and magnetic, but can be moody at times.  You’re fearless, intense and passionate.  Why not build up the mystery by not getting a cut at all? Just let your hair grow out long and free.  And instead focus on consistency within your healthy hair regimen.  Your boldness, strength and self-confidence tell you this is exactly what you need. 


What a great sense of humor you have!  You enjoy life, ups, downs and all.  You’re versatile and feisty, and so what you need is a style that shows this off.  You feel the need to display your happy, playful, carefree vibes.  A nice trim to keep your natural curls healthy, but why not try goddess braids?  This cute protective style will nicely match and exude your adventurous, fun-loving personality.  


You’re not afraid of setting goals for yourself, and you take them quite seriously.  You’re polished, responsible, powerful, and ready for anything, and this shows in whatever you do.  Trying out new things is what you enjoy doing!  Why not try out a striking asymmetrical pixie cut?  You can even do a fun design on one side just to display your sense of style, creativity and dynamism.  Incorporate hot oil treatments to keep your hair just as strong as you are! 


You are big on creativity, be it in painting, writing or daydreaming. Whatever you do reflects how creative your mind is.  You have a sense of freedom and you’re always ready for an adventure.  You’re bohemian, quirky and fun-loving, and your hair should reflect this too.  What you need is a versatile, carefree look with layers and bangs in medium length.  It’s beautiful, easy to maintain and will allow you to experiment with different hairstyles, which, of course, is very important to you.  You can change it up all the time by wearing it curly or straight.  You tend to change your mind – hence, your hairstyle – frequently.  Avoid drastic haircuts and impulsive hairstyle decisions and stick to the basics with your regimen. 


Girl, you’re full of mystery!  You’re full of emotion and insight, and this finds expression in your passions like singing, dancing and drawing. You’re constantly searching for depth.  An undercut will be perfect for you because you appreciate the beauty and creativity behind it.  You can also hide it whenever you feel like.  Wavy, water-like curls are just the thing for the water sign, and so you want to get a medium- to long-length, uncomplicated style on top of the cut, so you can showcase the natural bend of your hair.  Our hair milk is perfect for you! 

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