Holiday Roundups: Choosing The Perfect Holiday Hairstyle

After long hours and weeks of working so hard, everyone looks forward to having a break and spending time with family and friends during the holidays. It’s a special time to meet up with old-time pals, catch up on things, and of course, make a fashion statement effortlessly with your look.

So while you’re planning on your best outfits and make-up for the holiday parties or the big night out, you might also want to consider that perfect holiday hairstyle that won’t get in the way of the fun, but complete that glam look, and make you stand out, while still enjoying the festivities.

With so many hairstyles out there, choosing the perfect holiday look can be one heck of a puzzle to solve. Interestingly enough, great hair doesn’t happen by chance, but by simply mastering what hairstyles work best for you to suit your unique hair texture, makeup, and choice of dress to keep the festive spirit alive.

We narrowed the search down with these stunning celebrity-inspired hairstyles that are simple, yet elegant and chic to make sure you have a fabulous holiday!

Twisted Bun

This hairstyle is chic and sophisticated and works well with natural hair. Create this simple updo at home in no time at all.  First, moisturize and twist with the products from the Tree-O Bundle.  Make a bun from the twisted hair and leave some loose spiral hair strands around the face with more volume at the center of the head. Viola! You’re sure to bring the wow-factor at your event with this stylish updo. 

Tree Naturals Tree-O Bundle

Twisted Pinups

Here’s another easy fix and elegant updo that you can finish in under five minutes. We know the holiday is precious and you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the fun trying to dress your hair (that can be disastrous!).

Join a mix of flat and two strand twists to create a glam pinup without having to use any of the styling tools. Just gather together 2 flat twists at the back of your head using hairpins. This Twist is quick and easy if you already know how to do two strand flat twists. 

Did you know you can create the perfect, juicy twists using our Curl Creme

Side Buns

Quickly nail this elegant holiday look with low twisted side buns for both blown out locks or natural and curly hair, whichever you choose. Simply gather your hair to the side and carefully make a low bun for a classy holiday masterpiece hairdo. And to make your bun "sleek," simply mix the Rice Flower & Shea Leave-In Conditioner with the Natasha's Growth Butter and smooth down for a polished look. 


Blow dry hair properly with a medium-size, boar-bristle and round brush to give a full and bouncy blown out look that's straight with bent ends.  Apply a couple drops of our oil to keep your blowout shiny. 

Stylish Headbands

Once you are done styling that trendy holiday hairstyle, whether it's an elegant updo, or a neatly done side bun, or even an elegant low bun, don’t forget to use double, jeweled, or sparkly headbands to finish the look. With headbands, you can easily accessorize your choice hairstyle making it look even more elegant.

These headbands are suitable for all occasions during the holidays to give a vintage-inspired look with the gold leaf, pearl-adorned hair comb or crystal brooch headbands. 

Whatever style you choose, you are sure to turn heads this holiday season! 

...and as an added hilarious bonus, we dug deep in the Tree Naturals archives and found this oldie but goodie, 12 days of Christmas hair style video.  Honestly curlies it is so old and I was very early in my natural hair journey, but there could be some inspiration ...and if nothing else a few laughs.  Happy Holidays! 

What's your go-to style for the holidays?  Dish below! 

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