We Asked & You Responded!

Hey Curlies!

We asked you to tag your Best Curlfriend on Instagram and y'all delivered!






We Appreciate You! 

miss_daphanie & deedee1rn

smile_hazeleyes & daniheartscurls

ebsjustme & neikz, brunabella,breebaby86, missolie, ndhroyalty


 We also wanted to know how YOUR 2017 hair goals were going, so we ran a poll on Twitter!


According to the votes, achieving hair goals for 2017 is a process. Here are some tips to help you put a check mark next to each goal.

1. Redefine your goals. Make sure you are clear with what you want to achieve.

2. Ask yourself these 3 questions. What do you want specifically? Why do you want that? When do you want it?

3. Identify possible obstacles. This will make the obstacles easier to overcome because you've recognized them.

4.Make sure you are stocked up on Tree Naturals products & get motivated to achieve your 2017 hair goals!  Good Luck!


Vote for Tree Naturals to receive the 2017 FedEx Small Business Grant!

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