Happy 1st Day of Spring! Let's Prep Those Curls!

Hey Curlies!

     Happy 1st day of spring!  We are more than ready to say goodbye to Frosty the snowman, & the winter season, and hello to warmer weather. Are you ready to say peace to moisture loss & brittle hair? Hopefully your tresses made it through the winter unharmed, but if you did experience any damage Tree Naturals has you covered. Let's get those curls ready for the spring season!



Here's Tree Naturals must- haves to prepare for the spring season:


1. First things first! Let's get rid of those dead ends. We preach about moisture all the time & damaged, dead ends won't retain moisture. We aren't talking go crazy with the scissors cut, but a slight trim. Don't forget to seal those ends with our Natasha's Growth Butter to help grow healthy stands of hair!


2. Take a break from the heat-styling. Many curlies love putting heat on those tresses during the winter which can cause heat damage. Try wash & gos, twistouts, & protective styling.


3. Your hair needs water so Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Replenish moisture in your hair with our Rice Flower & Shea Leave- In Conditioner. Perfect for keeping those curls moisturized without any build up!  Remember water= moisture!


4. With warmer months comes frizz & our Honey, Fruit, & Flowers Hair Milk is just what you need! Not only does it protect against frizz, our hair milk also nourishes your curls and promotes hair growth. A must in every Curlies line- up!


 5. If you love coconut oil like we do then you'll love this D.I.Y. Hair Oil Rinse. Grab your coconut oil & after shampooing, apply the coconut oil from ends to roots. After applying the coconut oil, condition as usual. We recommend leaving the coconut oil & conditioner in for about 2-4 minutes then rinse. Your curls will feel super soft and moisturized! An oil rinse is perfect for moisture retention, eliminating frizz, and natural shine.


                      Hello Spring & Flawless Curls! Goodbye Winter & Dry Hair!    






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