How to Care For Color-Treated Natural Hair

Indulging in a burst of color for your wild curls can be an exciting adventure. Many naturalistas jump at the idea of changing up their look, however, managing color-treated natural hair requires special attention to ensure its health and vitality. At Tree Naturals, we understand the unique needs of your natural hair, and we're here to guide you through the journey of maintaining vibrant, colorful locks while promoting healthy natural hair growth.

Pre-Color Preparation: Ensure Your Hair's Health

Before succumbing to the allure of a new hue, assess your hair's condition. Optimal color results are achieved on a foundation of healthy hair, free from issues like dryness or split ends. Remember, color can't conceal hair problems; it may exacerbate them. Ensure your tresses are in top-notch condition before undergoing a color transformation.

If you find that your hair is not in the best shape or as healthy as you'd like, we highly recommend getting a professional trim and incorporating weekly deep conditioning treatments with our Bamboo & Water Lotus Deep Conditioner and moisturizing and sealing your hair daily. 

Additionally, consider whether you're ready to invest extra care in managing color-treated natural hair. This isn't a routine affair; your hair will demand extra love and attention post-coloring. What this looks like is weekly deep conditioning, mask treatments, daily moisturizing and sealing and also limiting heat on your curls. 

Embark on the Care Journey: Your Color-Treated Hair Q&A Session

As you step into the world of color-treated natural hair, questions may arise. Let's address common concerns to help you navigate this unique hair care journey.

Q: Why is my colored natural hair so dry? What do I do to stop it?

A: Natural hair craves moisture. Without the proper balance, it becomes weak, dry, and brittle. Add in color and your curls can feel like a haystack blowing in an old western movie.

To combat this, ensure you moisturize your curls with a water-based product and seal the moisture with a butter or oil. For extra dry hair, daily moisturizing and sealing of the ends are recommended to combat dryness effectively. Our Tree-O Kit is the product of choice here! It comes with 3 full-sized products to banish dryness, encouraging moisture and natural hair growth! Check out the Tree Naturals Tree-O Kit HERE! 


Q: My hair won’t grow despite my efforts. Help!

A: Hair growth struggles often stem from neglecting the oldest and most delicate part – your hair ends. Seal your ends regularly to prevent breakage and promote hair growth and length retention. Although your hair is constantly growing, retaining that length can be tricky. Wearing protective, low tension hairstyles can help as well.

Include scalp oiling and massage in your routine to nourish the roots and stimulate healthy hair growth. A nourished scalp contributes to vibrant, healthy hair growth. Our Hair Growth Oil would be a good choice! 


Tree Naturals: Your Partner in Color-Treated Hair Care

Curious if Tree Naturals products are safe for color-treated natural hair? Absolutely! Our founder, Tree, embraces color-treated tresses herself. Every product is carefully formulated to be safe, gentle, and effective for color-treated natural hair. Experience the perfect blend of nature-inspired ingredients tailored to nurture your locks while preserving that vibrant hue.

Meet our CEO, Tree below! 

"I've had color-treated curls for over a decade and during that time, I've only used the line of Tree Naturals haircare products to care for my hair. I've grown my hair from Big Chop to Waist Length twice in my journey! My favorite products are definitely the Tree-O Kit!

Tree Naturals owner with healthy natural color-treated hair and showing natural hair products


Discover our nourishing hair care products like the Restoring Bamboo & Water Lotus Deep Conditioner that should be used weekly and our Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner (use 3-4x' per week), specifically designed to enhance your color-treated natural hair journey. Or grab them both in our elegantly designed Wash Day Kit!

With Tree Naturals, unlock the secrets to vibrant, healthy, and naturally beautiful hair that stands out in every shade. Elevate your color experience with Tree Naturals, where natural hair care meets the art of vibrant self-expression.


Tree Naturals Team

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