How to Care For Color-Treated Natural Hair

No rule says you can’t get adventurous with your wild curls once in a while and choose a pop of color to help you do that. 

But your natural hair isn’t just like any other hair, so opting for a color treatment will change how you care for it. 

Before you give in to the color itch

Make sure your hair is in the right condition for color. This means healthy hair not suffering from issues like dryness or split ends. Remember, you can’t use color to cover up hair issues, it will only make it worse.

Also, decide if you’re ready to care for color-treated natural hair. It won’t be business as usual because your tresses will need extra love.

Now you’ve done it, it’s care time!

We’re going to have a question-and-answer session on this to help you find the best way to care for your color-treated hair:

Why is my colored natural hair so dry? What do I do to stop it?

Natural hair loves water, and without the proper moisture balance, it becomes weak, dry, and brittle. 

Natural hair must be moisturized with a water-based product and sealed with a butter or oil cream. If your hair is extra dry, we suggest you moisturize and seal your ends daily. 

My hair won’t grow, no matter what I do. I have been natural for years, and the hair just won’t grow. Help!

I have discovered that, in most cases, this is happening because you don’t seal your ends. The tips of your hair are the oldest and most delicate part of your hair and should be cared for with the most love and attention. Seal your ends, sis. Sealing your ends prevents hair breakage.

Oiling the scalp is also important for healthy hair growth; a healthy scalp will, in turn, give healthy hair. 

How about Tree Naturals products? Are they safe for color-treated natural hair?

Yes! Our founder, Tree, actually has color-treated tresses herself and formulates each product to be safe, gentle, and effective while wearing color-treated natural hair.

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