Fall Back In Love With Your Hair

Hey Curlies! The cooler, crisper air of Fall is here and we want to make sure your tresses are prepared! During this time of year, the most popular question is "my hair isn't getting enough TLC, what can I do to keep my curls nourished?" 

With just a little extra attention and our Curl Nourishing 3 Step Regimen, you will keep in the moisture no matter what the weather brings. This regimen provides the added moisture your hair needs to keep your curls soft, hydrated, bouncing and behaving. So you can choose any sassy style and keep it moving with no worries. 

Step 1:  Moisturize

Stock up on moisturizing products such as water-based conditioners, cremes, butters and oils. Products that contain honey and glycerin can be your curls BFF due to its humectant properties. That means softer, more moisturized hair for you my friend.  Once you're stocked, build a regimen and stick to it. Consistency is key! Weekly deep conditioning with our Bamboo, Fig & Lotus Flower DC works wonders on curls by providing moisture and strength deep into the hair shaft. Use our moisturizing shampoo to rid the hair and scalp of any buildup, but also to add extra hydration. Following up with out Green Tea & Coconut Conditioner Bar will truly be your life saver this Fall! If you want to keep your hair nourished and prevent breakage, our conditioner bar is perfect. Packed with moisture rich ingredients to cut your time in half, & condition deeply for healthy hair!  Men can benefit by keeping their beards and hair conditioned with our ZEN Deep Conditioner & ZEN Spray Leave-In Conditioner

Step 2:  Style
We LOVE protective styling during this time of year.  It helps retain length and can give you a break from daily styling (just be sure to re-moisturize to keep your hair healthy).  Some great options are twists, braids, bantu knots, buns and updo's.  Plus you get to accessorize and have some fun!  Our favorite styling product to use is the Tree Naturals whipped curl creme!  It was hand-crafted to be very slippery, fluffy and rich to make styling easier as it naturally defines and shines your curls.  Quick Tip:  "Mix our curl creme with our Natasha's Growth Butter to style your hair.  Enjoy more moisturized and defined curls with less shrinkage!


Step 3:  Seal

We all love that moisturized feeling throughout the day, but remember that since our water-based products contain water, the water evaporates...when that happens your curls can dry up and feel crispy.  To combat that we must seal all that yummy moisture in...DAILY!  Another benefit of sealing is less breakage and more length!  Tree's Tip:  "During the cooler months, I spritz my curls with the Honey, Fruit & Flowers Hair Milk, apply the leave-in & seal with the Natasha's Growth Butter twice per day!  To seal, I simply melt the butter between the palms of my hands and apply it directly to my hair and ends!  It keeps my ends soft, moisturized and knot free."

Cheers to beautiful and nourished curls! Be sure to tag us in your pics on social media @TreeNaturals and use the hashtag #TreeNaturals.

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