Curl Fest 2017 Recap

The Tree Naturals team attended Curl Fest, which is an annual natural hair festival hosted by Curly Girl Collective.  This event is located at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Since this was our first time attending we did not know what to expect...

We lucked up and took advantage of the early bird tickets, so it was free for us to get in. Score! The day of the event we arrived around 4:30pm and although many naturals were leaving the park, it was still packed with beautiful curls as far as the eye could see.  

It was ridiculously HOT and my girls and I were baking in the Brooklyn sun, so we decided to quickly find a shady spot to lounge on our picnic blankets and chill out.  We only noticed a few water stations, which saved my life a couple times!  Again, it was HOT.  There were food trucks there, but they were all sold out by the time we reached them.  I’d definitely recommend to bring your own water bottle and snacks!

After hydrating ourselves we went to venture out and there was a sea of natural curlies, music, a DJ, tons of vendors and positive vibes!  The energy really was infectious…it felt like being at a “natural hair reunion” where everyone was your family.  The sisterhood and unity was felt throughout.  Conversations sparked like wild fires and I particularly loved seeing the fellas out supporting and complimenting their sistas.  There were couples and families with little ones playing games, blowing bubbles and just having fun!

All in all Curl Fest was a HUGE, solid event for us naturals to come out and celebrate our fabulous crowns.  Did you attend?  Chime in with your experience below!

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  • Thanks for your comment Stephanie, it was such a great time! Hmmm, that’s a wonderful suggestion, perhaps we should start looking into something like that for RVA!

    Tree on
  • I am from Brooklyn and I live in RVA now. I wish I could have gone to CURLFEST. It looks like you guys had a great time.
    I wonder if something like that would ever come to Richmond?

    Stephanie on

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