Summer Sultry Hair!


Davia is rocking a super sexy twist-out using the products & steps below.



As Summer turns up the heat with it's lazy poolside days baking in the sun and balmy nights, you may notice a frizzier, dull look where your curls used to be....

So what's a curly to do?  
With just a little TLC and our 3-step regimen you'll be back to rockin' your sexy Summertime curls!

1. Cleanse/Condition:  The beginning of your regimen is equally as important as the end. Cleansing your hair prepares it for styling (to help you get those effortless beach waves, twist outs or wash & go looks). Another tip is to shampoo right after swimming if possible and to deep condition as soon as you can.  Chlorine and sea salt can be extremely damaging to your natural curls.  

2.  Moisturizing/Styling:  This is the fun part! Use our Rice Flower & Shea Leave In Conditioner daily to moisturize your curls without the gunky buildup!  Next, use our Whipped Curl Creme to define and shine those curls for that sexy Summer look!  Finally, seal all that moisture in with our Natasha's Growth Butter!  We recommend sealing your ends daily to combat breakage and shedding, and again no buildup!  Tree's Tip: Mix our Whipped Curl Creme and our Natasha's Growth Butter together for a super soft, moist and defined style! 

3.  Refresh/Protect:  Our Curl Refresher Spray is so much fun to use especially in Summer! Just spray and go! This energizing spray can be used daily and lightly moisturizes as it reactivates the product already in your hair!  Davia's Tip:  I love to use the spray to re-twist my hair at night! Works like a charm! 

Be sure to print these tips out and keep them near so you can have healthy, flawless curls anytime!

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