And Now...A Curl Word from @RoyalBeautyV

Hey there Tree Lovers,

   It’s me, Tree Naturals Newest Brand Ambassador @RoyalBeautyV. If you are anything like me, whether you have been natural for 5 minutes or 5+ years, hair care products are your life line. Luckily for me, the brand that gives MY hair life is Tree Naturals. Let me take you back to the beginning. How did I even found out about Tree Naturals? Well, as with all great things, it just happened. It wasn’t intentional at all. I discovered TN at a hair workshop in Salon Noa in Virginia Beach, VA.  Salon Noa specializes in natural hair care and hosts many different hair workshops that I tend to frequent.  Almost 2 years ago now…I decided to support a workshop that was centered around Tree Naturals.

    Beforehand, I’ve never even heard of the company. The founder of the company LaTresha Sayles was the keynote and before she even got a chance to utter her first word, the first thing I noticed was her hair.  It was BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY!! Her hair caught my attention and her hair care knowledge kept it. From there I thought to myself she must know something that I don’t know, let me try this stuff”, so that’s exactly what I did.  She had a vast array of products on display after the workshop so I purchased a few. Actually I spent about $75.  Now before you pass out at the price-point…we all know “good stuff isn’t cheap”.  You can’t acquire Maserati hair with a Suzuki mindset. You get what you pay for.  You’ve paid more for shoes for your feet that drag on concrete; at least this is food that benefits your hair. For that price, I left with about 4 full sized products and I was excited to see what the hype was about. After trying the product through every season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter I was NOT disappointed. I’ve tried TN on wet hair, dry hair, stretched hair, shrunken hair, updos, protective styles, you name it…I’ve used TN for it.

Fast forward to today….

    Tree Naturals is a major staple in my personal hair care regimen.  I’ve been consistently using it almost 2 years and I can’t see a frustration-free hair care life without it. I recommend this brand to people that compliment me on my hair daily and today I recommend it to you. By now you may be asking…which product do I enjoy the most. That’s an easy answer, it’s the Rice Flower and Shea Leave-in Conditioner. It’s my go-to, all-in- one “softening, moisturizing, detangling” hair-care savior actually. It makes my hair manageable from roots to ends INSTANTLY upon contact, it smells great, it keeps my hair moisturized ALL DAY, it doesn’t build up so you can use it daily if needed and it softly holds your natural curls in place. It’s probably the best leave-in I’ve ever used for my hair.  It gives 24-hour moisture and if you pair it with the tree naturals hair butter then you are going to have moisture for days. If you are struggling with dryness, frizz, breakage, shedding or if you are just looking for something that truly works…the solution is simple, Tree Naturals has a product for you.


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