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Tree Naturals Black Friday/Cyber Monday Guide 2022

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8 Simple Ways to Repair Damaged Hair – And What You Can Do Now

Most ladies will agree that healthy and vibrant hair is a source of radiance and confidence, while lifeless, dry and brittle hair often has the exact opposite effect, especially when a queen’s crown is her hair.  Some of the causes of damage to hair include...

Revealed: Why Washing Your Hair Makes You Glow

But before heading out, I would like to share this with you. Have you ever noticed that your skin looks great, right after washing your hair?  No, it's not your mind playing tricks on you.


The way in which we live our lives is changing due to the current state of the world.  The term social distancing is one of the highest trending topics outside of the pandemic itself.  

We Care About our Planet

At Tree Naturals, we are committed to becoming more sustainable as we continue to grow.  Mother Earth is our home and we promise to do our part in protecting it, our people and the animals.  We believe that small steps do add up and turn into big ones.

Black History Month Matters: Supporting Black-Owned Indie Brands

Since many of the mainstream, high-end beauty brands constantly overlook the kinky-haired black and brown woman from their product range, there are tons of reasons why we should support these black culture centered brands and include Tree Naturals hair products to your beauty collection this season!