The Ultimate Wash Day Routine For Natural Hair (Steps and Products)

Nothing beats having a solid, personalized wash day routine for your natural hair. And that’s simply because it is important for healthy hair growth, overcoming hair problems, self-love, self-care, and grooming your curls the way you want.

Now we know wash day comes with several challenges, so this guide will help you get ahead of them.

The Basics of Your Wash Day

While every curly-haired girl’s wash day routine may differ, it should include the basics. These are;

  • Shampooing to cleanse your hair and remove dirt and buildup
  • Conditioning to seal the cuticles, nourish your curls, and prepare them for hair products
  • Treating to use specific products for specific hair problems or goals.
  • Moisturizing and styling to lock in moisture, treatment, and keep your curls popping till the next wash day.

A wash day routine should come from a good understanding of your hair type and needs. You should also do it every 7 to 10 days.

A Routine Worth Stealing

The first step is pre-poo. Pre-poo means treating your hair with an oil or conditioner before you shampoo. This treatment should aim to remove debris and strengthen your hair.

The second step is shampoo. Fully drench your curls in water to promote lathering. Shampoo with the right product. Work your hair in sections, massage your scalp as you go, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Third step, condition. Use the right conditioner, work your hair in sections again, and massage properly. Allow the conditioner to sit for a while before rinsing off thoroughly.

Fourth step, Treat. This is super unique and depending on what products you use here, the instructions should be on them too.

Fifth step, moisturize and style. Probably the best part of wash day – because it means it’s over and it can get fun, lol. Pick the right moisturizers and styling products to give your hair that final touch.

Grab all your wash day essentials in our Wash Day Kit! 

You might opt for a wash and go twist out. Here’s some info from our in-house pro on doing it perfectly.

It is very possible that you are getting the product application and how to layer products wrong. At Tree Naturals, we believe in the LCO (Liquid, Crème, Oil) Method of layering products, and we also recommend our Tree-O Bundle. We teach this to everyone we can at seminars and events, and on our social media and blog posts. We even tell some clients to just think of how they get dressed in the mornings.

Step 1:

Liquid: The first product to apply to your hair is the Rice Flower & Shea Leave-In Conditioner. Think of it as your underwear.  

Step 2:

Crème: After applying the liquid, go for the styler; Whipped Curl Crème. Think of this as your outfit. 

Step 3:

Oil: Seal your ends with Natasha’s Growth Butter or Hair Growth Oil. This is the 3rd product you use and think of it as your shoes. 

You can grab all 3 of these in our popular Tree-O Kit!

No matter which kit you choose, you can rest assured your curls will be be pampered and nurtured throughout wash day and styling! 

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