The Perfect Brush for Your Curls

February 06, 2017 1 Comment

The Perfect Brush for Your Curls

Hey Curlies! 

How many times do you go to the salon to get a cut or style & your stylist starts questioning your regime?" Your ends are dry, are you taking care of your hair?" "What brush are you using?" Trust me, we've all been questioned by our stylist. Fast forward to when you leave the salon and feel guilty because you thought that using the right products was enough. Taking care of your curls takes more than the right also need the right brush. As if choosing the color and the style of the brush wasn't difficult enough, right?


Here are the best brushes for detangling your curls:



The "Natural Bristle Brush," is great for smoothing you hair and scalp stimulation.


 The "Detangling Brush," is perfect for wash day! Team Tree Naturals loves using this brush in the shower along with the conditioner bar. Soft on the curls & easy for detangling.

The "Wooden- Bristle Brush," is great for massaging the scalp & stimulating hair growth. Pairs great with our growth butter.

Denman Brush

The "Denman Brush," is one of our favorites. Ideal for producing volume and detangling your curls. The perfect natural hair brush!


Being too hard on your curls can actually damage them. Never rush detangling and always coat your curls in conditioner and brush from the ends up to the roots. Your curls will thank you after using these brushes!

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Veronica RoyalBeauty
Veronica RoyalBeauty

February 06, 2017

Great tips!! On your youtube…the tip about using the brush to clump curls together was a light bulb moment for me. After all these years of being natural and experiencing major success…Im still learning. Thanks.

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