Natural Hair Regimen Guide

When you decide to go natural with your hair, you’ll also have to decide on a meal plan for your hair, commonly referred to as a hair regimen.

This hair regimen is specific to your tresses and should involve both products and processes that keep your hair healthy and happy.

But we get that it’s not always easy to build a hair regimen yourself with no professional help. So, we’ve brought you this guide with answers from a pro. 

Next-Day Hair

The next day hair is a joke! I always have to style all over.

Using our products, you get consistent results. If you apply them properly/layer them properly and let your style dry properly, you can get a great next-day hair routine. How you prepare your hair for bed is also essential.

What is the recommended nighttime routine for natural hair?

  • Moisturize: Divide your hair into about 8 sections. Moisturize your hair slightly with either Tree Naturals Rice Flower & Shea Leave-in Conditioner or Honey, Fruit, and Flowers Hair Milk to replace the moisture lost by it during the day. 
  • Pineapple method: You can pineapple your hair by packing it to the top of your head.
  • Silk bonnets, silk scarves, and pillowcases: Use a silk bonnet or pillowcase to protect the hair overnight.
  • Use Flexi rod sets: Part your hair into sections and wrap the curls around Flexi rod sets before you sleep so your curls will be unruffled in the morning. 

The options are endless to wake up flawless, queen!

And if you're still not sure, our PJ Kit below is the perfect place to start!

Don't have time for a consistent nighttime routine?

I’m busy; I have kids, I run a business, and I’m in school. I can’t even do my hair; it’s too overwhelming – we get it.

Regimens can be as elaborate or as simple as you like them to be. Our Curl Prep Guide will be of great help; you should check it out. You can achieve your hair goals with just a little prep.

Remember that the choices you make or don’t make about your hair today will determine if you will have a better hair day tomorrow or not.

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