How to Make a DIY Water Spritz for YOUR Hair

Just in case you didn’t know, making your leave-in conditioner at home is not rocket science. It’s easy, cheap, and made to suit your hair needs since you get to control the mixture.  Surprisingly, your ‘DIY water-based spritz conditioner’ (sounds great right?) may even be way better than those available at the stores.

Use this homemade conditioner as a daily hair-care routine. Although, since it’s a water-based mixture, you shouldn’t use it on your straightened hair.  However, if you’ve got natural hair, this spritz is just perfect for misting those natural tresses. When massaged into the hair, it re-hydrates dry scalp and supports hair growth.

Making a custom leave-In conditioner is a good money saver. With little conditioner of your choice, you can make a few bottles of your spritz that can last a number of weeks if kept in a dark bottle (when using oils) and stored in a refrigerator.

Here’s how to make a few leave-in conditioner recipes your hair is sure to love!

Tree Naturals DIY Water Spritz

Custom Leave-In Spritz

This spritz is easy to make and only requires two ingredients you probably have at home. Feel free to choose any quality conditioner, but I usually prefer Tree Naturals Rice Flower & Shea leave-in conditioner for that extra softness it gives my tresses. This recipe suits my hair and wallet. The two best ingredients for this spritz are:

  • Water
  • Your Favorite Conditioner

Essential Oil Spritz

You can keep it simple by opting for a 2 ingredient recipe or an all-inclusive mix with 5-6 ingredients depending on your preference.

For the 2 ingredient spritz, get some distilled water and add in any essential oil of your choice that best meets your hair needs. The second part of this recipe that requires about 5-6 different essential oils is completely up to you. For instance, essential oils like extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, lavender, jojoba oil, etc. can be used. Do some research and find out what works best for your hair.






Rosewater-Glycerin Spritz

This is another easy to make spritz using just Rosewater, glycerin, and of course, the world’s best hydrant-WATER! Rosewater has tremendous benefits for your hair-care regimen, and it can also be used as a facial spray which means you get a double investment on this one.

However, before using any spritz, make sure to shake it thoroughly to ensure the constituents mix properly. Also, if the same bottle is used for more than a month, then sniff it to make sure it doesn't smell different. All the same, discard any remaining spritz after a couple of months.

Furthermore, you should bear in mind that a leave-in conditioner is just a watered-down version of any regular conditioner that flows easily through a pump or spray bottle to give your hair, tresses, curls, waves and even beards that extra moisture and bounce without weighing it down.

So give your hair and scalp a treat and stock-up on any of this moisture-rich spritz today!

Tree Naturals DIY Water Spritz Blog Post

...Are you a DIY mixtress?  What’s currently in your water bottle? Dish below!

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