5 Easy Ways You Can Break Out Of Hair Laziness

Breaking Out Of Hair Laziness 

A lot of ladies tend to be more laxed about caring for their natural hair than they are about their skin, their clothes and makeup. As long as they are able to get a do that covers up the true state of their scalp, they feel good to go. In the long run, however, you may nurse bitter regrets about neglecting your hair so much. Hair care is highly important in black culture as our curls require special and tender care and attention to thrive.

Being lazy about your hair and neglecting the proper care of it may lead to psoriasis on your scalp, which would leave the skin dry, flaky, itchy and sore. Simply wrapping up your hair at night is not enough to keep it healthy sis, much less flat ironing the knots and tangles of your curls. If you’re too lazy to put in actual effort into caring for your hair, it will never grow as thickly and healthily as it’s supposed to.  Simply visiting the salon for blowouts each week and retouching it every six weeks are certainly not enough either.

So, what's a curly to do?  Here are a few things you’ll need in order to break your cycle of laziness towards your hair.  Go ahead and screenshot them so you can refer back later.

 1.  An Honest Hairdresser

Every woman needs a hairdresser who will let her know when her ends are due for trimming (without being scissor happy), when her scalp has gotten too dry or when she's in desperate need of a treatment.  You need a stylist who will encourage you realistically, and not make you think the recovery of your hair will happen overnight. Your hairdresser should also be able to advise you on new hair products to buy, catered to the needs of your hair.

2.  The Labels

Take time to go through the list of ingredients in your hair products to see if they’re what your hair needs. Search the internet for reviews as well.  Ensure that the necessary proteins, oils and moisturizers your natural hair so desperately needs are in it. And if it's moisture your curls are lacking look for water as the first ingredient followed by oils, botanicals and herbs.  Our recommendation for daily care is the "Say Hello to Nourished Curls Kit" to moisturize your hair throughout the week. 

3.  Chemistry

Be bold enough to mix your stuff up to create a hair regimen for yourself. Castor oil, for instance, is good with almost everything, from your deep conditioner to your scalp massage oils. It is great for stimulating hair growth, moisturizing, and softening your hair. Why not add our "Hair Growth Oil" to add to your hair care regimen?  It's infused for 14 days with rosebud petals and chamomile buds to calm and soothe your scalp.  Plus you can mix it in your deep conditioners to add an extra punch of moisture!  Experimenting with diverse oils and adding them to her regimen is the goddess way. 

4.  Balance, Queen

Life gets busy!  Finding time to care for everyone in your life plus yourself can sometimes be a challenge.  But it can be done.  Try picking a time once per week where you can dedicate to your wash day routine.  Can you sacrifice 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon or maybe it's 2 hours late night on a Friday? Then pick 1-2 more days during the week for oiling your scalp, moisturizing and sealing or to re-twist the hair if needed.  Start with 30 minutes and build from there if needed. You can do this! 

5.  Stick With Your Essentials

Stick with the hair products and tools that work for you, and get rid of all unnecessary clutter. Let your hair kit contain all your styling tools, conditioning oils and leave-in products. Do away with all items that aren’t good for your hair. Explore or stock up on Tree Naturals products.

With all of the above in place, formulate an effective and well-researched hair regimen, with advice from your hairdresser.  Learn the hair treatments that are good for you, and follow up on them. You’ll be sure to notice the difference when you’re deliberate about your hair care.

How do you break out of hair laziness and care for your curls? Dish below!

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  • Thanks for these tips. I’ll be honest I’ve completely fallen off with taking care of my natural hair. A bun on top of my head or in the back has been my go to…not good! I’m certainly going to re-up on my Tree Natural products and try these steps to get back on track.

    Sherrika Hymons on

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