Tight Waves & Curls

Type 3c

hair typing chart

This hair type can have a blend of waves and spiral shaped curls.  Usually there are a lot of tight curly strands that are densely packed together.  Although the hair appears to be thick, usually the strands are fine. Frizz can occur due to the bends at the "s" of the curl, where moisture can escape.  Wash & go's are perfect style options, although hair in this category can act as a sponge, sucking up moisture.  Consistent deep conditioning, daily sealing and moisturizing using nutrient-rich products like these below will give this hair type the TLC it needs.  

3c tight waves and curls             

Tree's Tip:  "Since my hair is so curly, it tends to tangle easily.  The conditioner bar makes detangling so much easier for me and cuts my wash day in half!  I style with the curl cream and either use the hair milk or leave in conditioner + growth butter daily to keep my curls moisturized and healthy!"