Coconut & Lemongrass Curl Refresher Spray

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Now in a 16oz size! Refreshing spray formulated with chamomile hydrosols to strengthen; plus Aloe, Shea and B-Vitamins to nourish hair. Due to it's light, hydrating mist, it's perfect for giving your curls a pick me up anytime without re-wetting your hair. It can be used to refresh next day hair, curls, braids or locs. 

No silicones, parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

How to use:

Use as often as needed to refresh any natural style. We love using this spray in the mornings and at night to refresh our curls, then apply our Rice Flower & Shea leave in to moisturize and seal with our Natasha's Growth Butter.

*16oz bottle will include a sticker that says 16oz*


Distilled Water, Chamomile Hydrosol, Aloe Vera, Aqua Em, Shea Oil, Honeyquat, Panthenol (B5), Optiphen (preservative), Fragrance

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