Loose Waves & Curls

Type 3

This hair type can consist of a mixture of fine, loose waves and curls and has a natural sheen to it.  Tangling can occur due to it's curly nature and improper moisturizing can lead to frizz.  Using moisture-rich products, gentle detangling and sealing the ends (yes this hair type still should seal with a butter/oil) will give these curls the TLC needed for healthy, thriving hair.  Use a hair pick or diffuser to add volume! 

3b natural curls and waves

Britni's Tip:  "My favorites are the Conditioner Bar, Curl Creme & Natasha's Growth Butter!  The bar is literally like food for my hair. I usually wet my hair every day in the shower, grab my conditioner bar, and run it through my hair. I choose not to rinse it out because I love how it leaves my hair moisturized, and also makes detangling so easy! Be sure to keep your bar in a travel soap container! I’m all about making my bar last!"

"I love to mix the curl crème & growth butter together. I rub the growth butter on my hands first, then add the curl crème to it. To apply, I put my hands in the praying position and go up and down each strand hair.  Also sealing my ends at night with the growth butter adds moisture but also allows me to easily style my hair the next day!"