Daily Maintenance Bundle

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Tree Naturals

Do you need a daily maintenance regimen? We hope you answered yes, because this bundle is everything you need for fabulous hair everyday! These 4 products can be used daily on wet or dry hair with no gummy buildup or flakes. 

  • Hair Milk 8oz
  • Curl Refresher Spray 8oz
  • Rice Flower & Shea Leave In 8oz
  • Natasha's Growth Butter 6oz 

Summer Shipping Notice:  Please note during the summer months our butter may arrive to you melted, but all the goodness will still be there.  Place the container in the fridge for about 20 - 30 minutes, stirring every 5-10 minutes until it has re-hardened. You may notice a grainy/gritty feeling (this is normal when Shea Butter melts and re-hardens).  Rub the butter between your palms to melt and enjoy! 

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