Black History Month Matters: Supporting Black-Owned Indie Brands

Sis, have you been struggling to grow out your natural hair or searching for quality products made from natural ingredients to nourish your scalp, kinks, curls or waves?  We got you! Very harsh weather like winter can do some major damage to your hair, that’s why black-owned beauty brands have formulated moisture-rich handmade hair products guaranteed to meet the beauty needs of the woman of color while still celebrating the different aspects of black culture.

So what then are black-owned Indie Brands? They are businesses that are founded and operated by a small to medium team of highly talented black entrepreneurs (sometimes just 1 person) that typically offer botanically sourced or homemade products specifically for people of color. Most of these products are vegan or cruelty-free and usually made with natural ingredients. Undoubtedly, many Black-Owned Indie Brands are slaying the beauty industry right now, and with the help of social media, they are growing very quickly and becoming a household name.

Since many of the mainstream, high-end beauty brands constantly overlook the kinky-haired black and brown woman from their product range, there are tons of reasons why we should support these black culture centered brands and include Tree Naturals hair products to your beauty collection this season!

From specially formulated shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, Fair Trade hair and body butters, to even leave-in conditioners and sprays for both hair and beards for the fellas, black-owned Indie brands like Tree Naturals have a wide range of top-quality and moisture-rich hair products to pamper all types of natural hair that is sure to promote healthy hair growth.

With most people dreading the damaging effects of chemically formulated hair products and embracing more naturally sourced products, there are countless reasons to support black-owned businesses.

  • They are founded by talented black professionals with black hair and skin in mind.
  • They produce top-quality beauty products that satisfy the needs of conscientious consumers as well as women of color.
  • Most of these hair and beauty products are handcrafted from natural ingredients making them safe for your hair and health.
  • These brands use both resources and expertise to celebrate and promote every aspect of black culture.
  • Most Black-owned beauty and hair brands offer amazing items to help win the fight against all forms of hair –related issues like frizz, breakage, and even dryness.
  • These groups of black-owned indie entrepreneurs provide economic and social empowerment to their members and even the local communities where they source their raw materials from.
  • Production involves environmentally friendly processes that care for both people and the planet.

The Tree Naturals brand is one of the best afro-centered and highly rated hair brands that have satisfied thousands of conscientious customers from different countries for years now.  Each and every one of our handcrafted, moisture-rich, and soothing products are custom-formulated to restore, nourish, fortify, and grow your precious tresses.  

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Why do you support small black owned businesses?  What are some of your favorites?

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